Light Pollution is the placement of light in areas where that light is not desired and may be causing discomfort or distress.  It comes in a number forms.  When light is misplaced and misdirect it travels through refraction and reflection to be a problem elsewhere.


Lighting designers try to put light in the right place in the correct quantity, so you can see what you need to see, and see to do what you need do.


Around sydney

Photography of lighting installations around Sydney - some good and some bad

PARKLIGHT is an annual event of the IES Australia Sydney Chapter.  SOLIS participated in 2011 here is a few photos of the results on the night


PARKLIGHT 2012 was held at Sydney University and once again an unique diversity of objects to be illuminated.

SOLIS - Starry Skies for Sydney



All rights for the photos reserved to   Sydney Outdoor Lighting Improvement Society.