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There is plenty of options for someone whom wants to help do something about light pollution.  You can become a citizen scientist by making observations of the brightness of the night sky or if your lucky - how dark the night sky is.

Citizen Science Programs to Monitor the Night Sky


Globe at Night is a program run by the National Optical Astronomy Observatory on the USA.  It's simple just match what stars you can see in the sky to a starr chart on their website - add a few comments about your environment and then submit.


Dark Sky Meter iis an app for the iPhone.  Take a dark count reading for the camera then point the camera to the sky and take a reading and a comment then submit.  You can download the app from iTunes.


Loss of the Night is an app that runs on the iPhone or Android devices.  It works by navigating around the sky asking you questions about which star you can see - or not see.  It's a bit more complicated but gives a good result - you need to know your way around the sky, if not you will learn the sky very quickly.